Import the Solis Invertor GinLong option into HA

Anyone able to ‘import’ these settings from Domoticz to a Hassio working solution?
I am not able to program Python (yet) but it looks to me that everything needed is available here?

For me it would be great to have the data from the current GinLong site, platform 2 from this example.

Of course I can help with testing…

Need help running python script (ginlong or solis) data feed in HA.Will the python script intergration work?

Should be possible to use my python API for ginlong

I made a custom component for HA, but I cant find it right now, but the api should be working fine running the python script

Have you found it already? :slight_smile:

Yes. Its basic but it works. Need to put it in manually

Config and files you can find here:

Thank you! Will try.

Hi, are you able to make it work?

Hi, so what should i do with this? Copy ginlong into custom_component?

Hi Mate

Did you have an issue with it a week ago? just stop working for me