Import zones from Google maps

Would be so cool. Instead of us creating every zone mabye hassio could go and fetch the coordinates to all companies based on Google maps or something like that? The listning Would be dynamic and update when something changes. And it could be applied like a secondary layer of zones so that we still could manage our own ones.

I Would be able to see exactly where my kids are without having to add “McDonalds”. A very low priority feature but still, just got the idea while sittning… You guessed it, @ McDonalds having a coffe!

I guess you could use the geocoded location, do a google search on that address and take the top result as the “zone”.

+1 For Dynamic pulling of Data from Google maps to update location

If you use the Places custom component, it pulls lots of info, including business name if there is one. Been using it for years with no problems

Sounds a bit like my request. I guess ill check that one out :slight_smile: