Importing Alexa devices to HA

I have some some Chinese Smart Light Which cannot to integrated with HA using Lux . Those lights can be controlled by Alexa. Is it possible to import those lights to HA . Below I am giving the link to the app which controls the Bulbs for reference.

The same need for me, here with five smart bulbs from flyidea. I will follow this thread for any news

I have one of those. On your router, reserve an specific IP Address for that device and then setup the light in your configuration.yaml.

  - platform: flux_led
    devices:   #This is the IP Address that you reserved in your router
          name: "Kitchen Counter"
          mode: "rgbw"

After that, there are different ways to expose those to Alexa, depending on various factors.

I try with this configuration and does’nt work for me, Are you sure that your smart bulb is FlyIdea?. My bulb is only Coold White color I don’t know if that is problem to this configuration

I have one thermostat with “smart home” app. Is possible integration with ha with this config? Thanks!
P. D. This thermostat is mc-6 model.

I might buy some blinds that are integrated with this app. Wondering the same about integration with Home Assistant!