Impossible shelly integration (Shelly EM) in HA 2022.7.3 via HA


I`ve just create a HA on Raspi 4 8Gb+SSD in Debian with HA OS 2022.7.3 & Supervisor 2022.07.0.
Recently i put an Dhelly EM to get via 2 clampers data from pannel energy so as data from home to integrate in Energy i HA.

Impposible to detect it in Integration Shelly on this version. I’m looking and questioning on other forums but i would like to share this situation with yo and know if somebody is in similar situation.

I put Shelly EM ( static IP, correctly in same subnet that HA ( I put CoIOT in Shelly as told me integration documentation giving local HA Address & Port ( and making discovery shelly EM.

When i go in HA to Settings/Devices & Services/Integrations/Add integration/Shelly this integration not found shelly EM never. I only get when it request de HOST IP, introducing Local Shelly IP and message with CLOSE and nothing is in HA about my Shelly.

Even I try to put user/pasword in locla access to Shelly and even shelly interagtion request user/password but it gives an error and never shelly on HA. If i ping from raspi via terminal to Shelly EM its response is correct too.

Do you know if there’s any problem with this integration in lastest HA OS?

Thanks in advance.
P.D.: I can access perfect via local, shelly cloud, to shelly EM.

I don’t have issues with the latest integration. I am running the same configuration as you (apart from my RPI4 is 4GB).

I assume you can see everything fine by going to and the Shelly is up to date firmware wise?

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I can see everithing fine to that IP and i can do Ping from HA ( and everything is updated.

Thanks for your answer…

I don’t rate the app - have you checked from the status page directly on the IP. Also have you assigned the shelly to a “room” in the app. I know when I set mine up in the app it actually duplicated it - stupid app!


Now at work but if i access vía mobile app i can see it inside a room and assigned to it.

I can see in app but clampers and the Watts from panels and from house

But impossible to attached to HA.

Thanks in advance,

Hey @soysnorre,

I’m having the same problem, did you find any solution for this yet

No solution by the moment.
I’ll try to open port 5683 on HZ instance but no results.

Trying to make de Shelly discovereble from shelly via web, no results.

If i could find a solution via Shelly Integration i’ll write about it.

Thanks in advance.

Hi all,

Everybody has this problem yet and any solution?. I’am in the same point without establish connection between Shelly EM & Home Asistant OS via Shelly Integration.

I think that there`s any response or something that not allow to meke the same, because if i put user & password to Shelly to access, even Integration Shelly from HA ask me for user/passwd after recognize the same after indotucing shelly IP but i only have this result.

Thanks in advance,
P.D.: Now running
Version core-2022.7.6
Installation Type Home Assistant Supervised

Mine were discovered automatically by HA.

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I had gave up and moved to MQTT, but today after I saw this thread I gave another try to the integration and it started working again. :smiley:

Thank you all :slight_smile:

Hi, I have my shellyEM working fine, however my one of my other Shelly devices is giving me exactly the same issue as you have. For that device I gave up using shelly integration and moved it to MQTT which works just fine.
I would be interested if you ever figure out what is the problem.