Impossible to upgrade to 3.0.1 due to pyyaml

Hi all,
I am running hassbian on a RPi3 along with appdaemon 3.0.0. I want to upgrade appdaemon to the latest version to benefit from the revamped weather widget for my dashboard. However the update crashes when collecting pyyaml due to a 404 error from the server.

Could someone help me through this ?

I just tried to install AD in a new venv, and it seems to find it ok.

Collecting pyyaml<4,>=3.11 (from homeassistant)
  Downloading (270kB)
    100% |████████████████████████████████| 276kB 3.7MB/s 

You could have experienced a temporary network failure, which seems to happen periodically, so I suggest you just try again.

i just saw an issue from odianosen on github with the same problem.
it seems that the last update from pyyaml is broken and AD automaticly tries to pick the last update.
if that keeps on i think a manual install from an older version from pyyaml should do the trick.

i can find a lot of issues about pyyaml in the last week.
it seems that the wheel is broken.

installing it manually with
pip install git+

seems to work for some people.

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That did the trick ! Thanks a lot for the quick answer.

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