Improve Alert Behavior in Lovelace


It would be great to carry the ‘out of the box’ alert behavior from the legacy interface over to Lovelace.

Behavior in the legacy UI:

  • When I add alert.garage_door_open_long to a group, it will only show up as a line item when the watched condition might actually trigger an alert, e.g. when the garage door is actually open. It does not show up when the garage door is closed - monitoring this condition and offering the option to turn the alert off doesn’t make sense. :+1: :+1:
  • And when the alert is displayed I can toggle it off with a simple click. :+1: :+1:

Current behavior in Lovelace:

  • In order for the alert not to show up in the UI when it’s not relevant, I have to set up a condition card that only shows it if state_not: "idle" is true. :-1:
  • And then, when it shows up in the condition card, it displays the alert status as ‘On’ or ‘Off’ instead of showing a toggle. So I have to click on the line item and only then I can switch the alert itself off. :-1::-1:

It would be great to have the ‘auto-hide’ feature in Lovelace as well as the toggle straight in the card itself.

Alert auto-hide broken in Lovelace?

You might just have it configured incorrectly.
I am using a Condition card for my garage door and it looks like this.

  - card:
      show_header_toggle: false
      title: Lights That Are On
      - entity: cover.mqtt_cover
        name: Garage Door
      - open
    type: entity-filter
type: vertical-stack

When the garage door is open it shows the normal “cover” buttons to close it.


Not really sure what that has to do with the alert component :confused:


Here’s a few more details, including pictures, from another thread: