Improve the language used in YAML deprecation warnings

It seems like whenever an integration is moved from YAML to UI, there are worried posts about the integration being removed.

This seems to originate in the clumsy arrangement of the warning message.
Maybe this error message makes more sense in other languages, but in English it seems odd in places and factually incorrect in others.

Keeping it simple with what has changed and what action is required communicates the point much more clearly.

Does that not seem like a more digestible communication?

A bit better might be:

The System Monitor integration is being changed to only allow configuration via the UI.

Your existing System Monitor YAML configuration has been imported and can safely be removed from the configuration.yaml file. You will need to do this before version 2024.7.0 to avoid errors.

The new configuration can be accessed on the “Integrations” tab of the “Devices and Services” section of the “Settings” menu**


I’d say:

The system monitor integration is now configured through the integrations page.

Or, to be more robust against future changes:

The system monitor integration is now configured through the UI.

(My personal preference is to use via over through.)

If one wants to put it more technically:

The system monitor integration’s configuration has been migrated from YAML to internal storage.

Technically accurate, but less user friendly.