Improved light_profiles.csv default handling

Two suggestions here:

Firstly, say you have a light with a .default profile in light_profiles.csv. The default is applied when the light is turned on - even if the light is already on. I discovered this when I mistakenly asked a voice assistant to turn on a light that was already on, and the light changed back from my manual setting to the default.

I think it would be preferable for the .default profile to be applied only if the light was off. It’s not just mistakes that cause the issue - it’s making some of my automations more complicated (i.e. automations that turn lights on need conditions to ensure they’re not already on)

Secondly it would be great if light_profiles.csv supported color_temp. Bulbs such as Hue Ambient don’t support x,y colours.

any progress?

The default light profile defined in the CSV file is now only applied when the light is toggled from on to off, which fixes one of the problems I had.

Details here: Apply default light profile only when light is toggled from off to on by karliemeads · Pull Request #49376 · home-assistant/core (

Still no color temp ?

Not as far as I can see. I think it would need a change to light_profiles.csv to add an option for color_temp as well as x and y.

I’d like to see much more sophisticated default lighting control that would allow almost any parameters and even vary by time of day (to set, for example, a warmer light by default in the evening). I’m working around it with an AppDaemon automation that responds to lights being switched on and then basically picks values from a lookup table.

I’m trying to do that also in PYSCRIPT.
It works… but …
I trigger the light when it’s turned on and do a light.turn_on again, with my ‘default’ attributes.
so, actually, the light is turned on twice… but it works…
Turning a light off with default attributes (transition time), doesn’t work … like I can only change the transition time, and the light is turn off fully, before the “new” turn off command with another transtion time arrives I guess.

I also like to see a more sophisticated lighting control as you explain…

That’s how mine works as well. Although the second call is light.turn_on it’s probably easier to think of it as just changing the settings. If you’re listening for the turn off command, then you’re right - the second turn off will be ignored because the light is already off. Personally I don’t worry about that one - the important thing for me is to have the light change when it’s turned on.

I’ve set low brightness values in light_profiles.csv so that when the light first comes on it doesn’t matter how it was last set - the light will come on dim, and then my automation will adjust it to my chosen values.

If you’re interested, I’ve written up my script here: Setting Hue defaults – part I – Sean’s Technical Ramblings ( with some discussion of how I got it working with all of the ways I switch lights on here: Setting Hue defaults – part II – Sean’s Technical Ramblings (

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I program is pyscript (not python_script)… Looks “cleaner” and can do approx. the same as appdaemon…
I wish the light_profiles get changed … It’s a pitty we can no specify WHITE (color temp) colors.
For now, I’m going to make something similar as what you did…