Improvements to energy "Monitor individual devices"

Loving the new energy dashboard. I’m a little limited as I have a number of devices that return energy usage but I don’t have anything for the whole home.

There are a couple of things that would make the ‘monitor individual devices’ section of the energy dashboard even better - for people in this situation

  1. Have the hover pop-up for each bar of the horizontal bar graph display cost of energy as well as energy used (I don’t want to just create an entity, as that entity’s bar graph would dwarf the individual lines and make them less useful)
  2. A breakdown at the bottom of the graph which states total energy used for the period, and the cost of that energy


  1. (May be applicable for the entire energy dashboard) have a lovelace card that displays the content of the panel. This way the data can be included in lovelace dashboard as its own panel - this is useful for people who use tablets as display panels around the house.

I voted for this. What I would love to see: a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly bar chart of total used energy consumption with added to that the usage per individual device, so I can see per period which device is using % of total used energy. A pie chart would be my chart of choice.