Improving the shutter device_class

For changing the icon based on the Position of a Shutter, I suggest and provide 11 icons representing the position every 10%, so that it is not necessary to create a Template Sensor just to show the detailed status of the position of the Shutter.rollershutter-100 rollershutter-90 rollershutter-80 rollershutter-70 rollershutter-60 rollershutter-50 rollershutter-40 rollershutter-30 rollershutter-10 rollershutter-20 rollershutter-0

Sorry this are the final icons:rollershutter-10 rollershutter-10 rollershutter-20 rollershutter-30 rollershutter-40 rollershutter-50 rollershutter-60 rollershutter-70 rollershutter-80 rollershutter-90 rollershutter-100

I can do it same way for Garge door icons