Impulse Light Switches

Hi there! Posting after a bit of searching and not finding what I need.

I’m based in the Netherlands, and want to start using HA in my new house (all electrics are being redone).
My electrician advises that I use Casambi for my lights, as they are impulse-driven, so it works for dimming, etc, and you can also use the Casambi app to make it work. Casambi is BLE and apparently also works as a mesh, so seems ok. But it looks like integration into HA or even Google is a bit more of a stretch (there are some custom modules, but nothing concrete). Any advice for alternatives?

I’m not married to BLE, happy with zigbee (my preliminary research makes me think that might be the best option eventually). But I do want to build my smart switches into the wall boxes.

Set-up is a house with little interference (wooden floors, 3 stories). I don’t think I’ll ever have more than 30 to 40 devices max, and I’ll have strong wifi all over. For the rest, no wishes or requirements.

[Edit] All my wall boxes have a neutral wire, so power isn’t an issue.

Any tips?