In a Horizontal Stack, is there a way to weight the individual cards so that they might take up double room?

As per the title.

What I’m trying to do is create a horizontal stack for my ESPHome gate controllers. The first item in the stack is the cover control, but I also have an input boolean that I use to override the cover and hold the gate open if necessary.

But it looks dumb if the two cards share the row equally. I’d prefer to have the input boolean justified to the right, and have the cover control take up the equivalent of 3 spaces in the row.


possible but afaik not with standard stacks, it should be custom.
you can try custom:layout-card or try to manually style standard ones with card-mod.

I have a similar situation and would be very interested in the solution to this.

Yes the custom:layout-card will let you choose the relative column widths either by pixels or percentage. It’s done on a per card basis. So if you had two cards side by side you could make one 75% and the other 25% wide.

Sorry picking this up from the DEAD -

If we want to have the column widths conditional, would that be possible?

My use case is that I want my first card (e.g. 75% of the row) resize to 100% (the entire row) in case certain other conditions are not met?