In Automation, can I create a "trigger" script/helper/group/blueprint per Buton type?

I have the same button on many of my switches, and I want those triggers to be exactly the same down to the Trigger ID used:

While it’s easy to keep track of one button, I have 20 of them + 15 motion sensors that all have to have the exact same trigger code and the correct trigger IDs. It’s easy to mess this up and not realize why something’s broken.

If I could say “this type of IKEA button has these triggers and select that as a trigger type for the button”, that’d be way easier than setting up 4 triggers each time I want to create an automation.

I have some single-button buttons, and those require a toggle rather than an explicit on-off. That’s why I’d like some way of unifying triggers the same way I can write scripts for actions.

Here’s a more complex example to show how I have to manage multiple buttons and motion sensors:

Is it possible to create a device that has these trigger IDs built in for each type of trigger?