In development: LG SmartThinQ component


You can try the latest version, I added a start, stop (for pause) and turn off function. I also corrected some bugs in the polling.

I’ll start working on an EntityComponent now


I cant seem to get the token correct for the custom component. It keep getting wideq.TokenError.

EDIT: Actually I just read through the component and found it was refresh token not the other…


Line 68 in is a hard coded path to the icon. Once I changed that the component didn’t fail on startup and my sensors show up in Home Assistant!!


Yeah, it’s definitely still a work in progress. I’ll be adding more items to the sensors soon.


Great work so far though. I noticed the washer was “SPINNING” and the remaining time was correct. If they are off or unreachable the logs get filled quick. But like you said early stages.


Super excited for this component!

Edit: I am a bit of a dummy, but if there is some way I can help test; I have a WM5000HVA and DLEX5000V washer/dryer pair (no pedestal though).


Is possible add fan speed and airflow orientation for AC units?


Yeah, that information is certainly available—I haven’t built an abstraction for either yet, but the status interface is reporting it. If you can, please take a look and see if you can establish the rules for how that works! I’ll also poke around and see what I can find.


I set up simlaf/wideq and got json file from my appliances(ac, wm, fridge)
And i have a very simple question, how integrate this in config?
I don’t know folder name in custom_components
/config/custom_components/{folder name}/

I gave the name ‘lgappliance’ and HA doesn’t load
I don’t think it is just sensor, switch… plz help


climate. Please read the README:


Is it same for Washer&dryer?


The plugin only supports climate devices so far (because that’s all I have). Any help would be appreciated!


I’m working on a component for the washer and dryer. Should be ready this week-end.


I just got an LG washer with SmartThinQ, and I’ve got development experience and a hassio setup. If you want any help, I may be able to pitch in.


This is great work thanks for working on this


Awesome to see this development happening! We just got an LG washer and dryer with smartthinq and would be more than happy to beta test!


I have an lg washer and dryer with smart thinq however i thought the application could only just do diagnostic error codes or download a favourite custom wash / dryer cycle? Can the application actually control the washer and dryer or know when the cycle is finished?

Washer: LG WD1409HPW

With a smartphone and the LG Smart Laundry
app the washer can “talk for itself” to find a
solution to help save time and money on
unnecessary call outs.² On a NFC enabled Android
device, Tag On uses Near Field Communication
(NFC) technology to enable the download of
additional wash cycles and the viewing of
machines usage history.³

Dryer: LG TD-C80NPW

More Drying Cycles & Troubleshooting
More Drying Cycles: View usage on a NFC enabled Android device, Tag On uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to download more drying cycles & view history usage.1
Troubleshoot: With a smartphone & the LG Smart ThinQ™ app the dryer can “talk for itself” to find a solution to help save time & money on unnecessary call outs.2



For the ones we just got, yes. We can check the app anytime to see how much time is left or ask Google home. A notification also appears on both our cell phones when a cycle is complete. As for starting from the cell phone, you can but you have to enable remote at the machine first.


Hi guys, Any updates on the component for
The washer and dryer?


I plan to buy LG appliances in the near future. Do the SmartThinQ require Internet connection for Home Assistant or any other home automation platforms to communicate? Sure, the fridge might require Internet connection, but I’m talking about accessing devices locally instead of having to go through a cloud first.