In Floor Radiant Heating monitoring

Hello, i am getting ready to install in floor radiant heat in a new sunroom that we are building. You can see systems at this website.

The system uses the water from a water heater and runs pex tubing in the subfloor of the sunroom. There is a thermostat that monitors the floor temperature and air temperature. When the thermostat calls for heat it signals a relay and the relay turns on an electric pump to pump hot water into the pex tubing.

Before i go and install of this new plumbing i would like to see if i can add water pressure sensors, water temperature sensors and even water flow sensors?

I have done all kinds of googling and i have not found pressure, temprature and flow sensors that i feel are high enough quality for a permanent plumbing solution. If the sensor springs a leak i have a big problem when we are dealing with this kind of water pressure in a house.

I am in the US so that is the plumbing pipes and fixtures i will be using. 1/2" pex, NPT fittings, copper pipes soldered together etc.


Hello, did you find a solution? I would like to install sensors at the manifolds for at least in/out temp, pressure at each valve would be great as well