In some phones I can’t acces to Home Asssiatnt

I can connect to home assistant with DNS outside. But in some phones i can’t connect. Don’t open anything. What can be the problem?

Went i go to my in other phones don’t open anything.

In my phone always open. With the wifi on or off always open without problem.

‘some’? No way to provide any help without more details, error messages, screen shots, etc. Is this new or from-the-start of your installc?

Some phones, i think it can be de ISP or mobile company. I use DUCKDNS to translate the public Ip

You are still not clear… android,ios,ha-app,browser, errors… ? What is your setup…we cannot guess all the params as you may understand.

It doesn’t matter from where are you connecting.

iPhone, Android, PC.

I think :thinking: is something about the phone company DNS or something like that.

Is something new, at least the problem is one mobile company. With the public ip i can access, but went i use the translate direction AKA: the page dont open.