In UI "add area" for selected items for areas as for labels

Hello - thanks for the new labels and filtering - this is really awesome! I like it.
however I think as for labels it should be possible to “bulk add” areas to selected entities or devices.
This example picture shows it - I can easily add a label for all filtered & selected “ComfoAir*” entities. But not an area (what they are missing)

Bulk adding of areas to devices is in the next release 2024.5. You can access this through the current beta or wait for the release.

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That’s good to know and I appreciate that.

But for instance in this case (Zehnder comfoconect integration) it does not even create a device for it, just sensors.

Anyway I think handling labels and areas in the UI in the same way in much more consistent.

Right, there’s a caveat with entities that are currently blocking this feature for entity lists:

  1. Some entities don’t have unique_id’s, therefore cannot be added to areas.
  2. Some entities will already have an area if they are attached to a device. Decisions about warnings need to be thought out.

Once those details have been hammered out, we will see this on entity lists.