In wall 120V to 5V USB adapter from eBay hazard?


I mounted a Amazon tablet beside the light switch, thought might be a good idea getting a mini adapter hide in wall to power the tablet. The setup does look okay but now I worried about potential fire and safety hazard…

Are those cheap AC-DC converter safe enough to be hidden inside the wall? Is it a good idea to wrap this adapter using electric tape?

Thank you in advance for all the advice!

Image from eBay:

I’d throw that in the bin. The AC terminals are so close to the USB socket, there’s no way that’s not a death trap.

The little PCB through-holes just below the metal case of the USB socket are the LIVE (er…hot, I think you call it) and neutral connections!

Yes, it’s “only” 110V, but if that finds its way to the tablet things will end badly.

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I agree with @Troon, I would not put that in my wall. Wrapping with electrical tape might actually make it worse since it will reduce the heat dissipation.

You do have a few options that you may not have thought of:
You have ~24Vac (probably 19Vac) right above in you doorbell chime. You could rectify and reduce to 5V.
Mount a recessed outlet with built-in USB ports (UL listed of course…or equivalent)

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