In wall socket EU size with power metering, preferably zigbee


is there in wall socket EU size with power metering?

preferably zigbee, if not zigbee then at least something in tuya ecosystem.

I found this one, but it is wifi only

Maybe Socket & Outlet


These zigbee ones can be easily integrate to HA ?

All of the ones in @francisp 's post are labelled as compatible with zigbee2mqtt. So yes.

Sorry, i was unclear, i was in hurry. Im looking one that doesnt use zigbee2mqtt, but integrates directly using USB zigbee stick. Of course this is hard to say which one works as i have not said which stick i have. I ordered ZBDongle-P from sonoff, and will be using it.

To use zigbee on home assistant there are three options. Zigbee2mqtt, ZHA (built in to HA), and Deconz. Forget deconz for the moment.

If you want a device that works with HA you need to choose ZHA or Zigbee2mqtt and then choose a device that works with the chosen software. I am not sure why you are adamant that you won’t use zigbee2mqtt, as many people say it is the better system (lets not get into that argument). Anyway your question was about which ones easily integrate into HA. If it is supported by zigbee2mqtt, then it is easily integrated into HA. There, you got your answer.

How is z2m devices added these days to HASS, needs much configuring ? IE. finding stuff from logs like needed in the past ?

I have had z2m in the past, and thought that it would be much easier to just use ZHA …

BUT, if its more automated these days, maybe it really is a way to go.

EDIT: Ok, i just watched a tutorial video, it really is MUCH simpler that i had experience from the past. Ill give it a shot with the devices that do not wotk with ZHA directly.

I presume i can use z2m and zha at the same time or ?

Even if the database says it is compatible it does not mean there aren’t issues. Sometimes making the device unusable in reality.

But the issues are mainly with 2032 powered devices.

Point is one cannot trust the database.

But we as a community can contribute real verifed issues to the database.

Yes, you can use z2m and zha at the same time or have multiple Z2m instances

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IMO for this config two conditions must be met:

  • each software must use separate zigbee gateways. not sure how is it in case of ethernet connected gateways but you cannot share one zigbee usb stick between z2m and zha
  • coordinators must be configured to run different network (considering they run in the same location)

If you have two coordinators, yes.

Ah i was quite excited on this z2m, but… i dont run supervised. Is there possibility to install z2m official addon without ?

Yes of course you can.

mind giving me a starting point :smiley: ? All guides are for supervised …

One out of the 7 guides in the docs are for the addon. I recommend the docker one if you are not running haos or supervised.

Ah, maybe i was unclear, i have z2m, broker running allready, and one device learned. Problem is official hassio-zigbee2mqtt addon OR is that addon only for installing mqtt & zigbee2mqtt, and really nothing more ?

You don’t need anything else if you already have z2m and an mqtt broker.

Thnx, i was a bit confused there.