In wall touch screen android

Can’t wait to see how it goes… Poe is nice :slight_smile:

agree, used tablets are far cheaper and potentially have better spec. I just wanted something that looked like a professional installation. I don’t like the look of a regular tablet somehow stuck to the wall (as it always just looks exactly like that). I want to have a clean looking professional install. This was the cheapest route I could find for that.
Vidabox is another route I was considering with an old Samsung tablet but it just ends up being about the same price.

I agree that a tablet stuck to a wall doesn’t necessarily look all that great, but with a 3D printer you can design a frame and enclosure and the cost is only a couple of dollars. I currently have my tablet mounted to the wall with a 3D printed mount so it doesn’t look out of place and I can remove it if it breaks or I don’t want it anymore. Eventually I think I’m going to design a full frame to mount in-wall in other rooms like your screens. But wow, what one of those screens cost is pretty much what I paid for my 3D printer :confused: lol

Had not thought of 3D printing something. Would have to get a printer for that. Can you send a picture of your panel on the wall?

Where did you get a 3D printer for that price? I thought they cost 1000s

It was a little difficult getting a good picture of it, being black on black on black lol, but the mount itself is fairly simple. Its a design I found on that someone else made for a car mount, I just edited it so it had a flat back. Its made specifically for a Nexus 7 but it’d be easy enough to customize for any tablet. The only reason I’m using this type of mount is because I need the tablet in this location, and I really don’t want to cut a hole in the cupboard to make it flush. Eventually I’m going to re-design the mount so it will be a full frame around the tablet and flush, so all you see is the screen.

Here is a good example of what I’m talking about:



As far as 3D printing goes, I have to say that adding the printer to my collection of tools has been my absolute best purchase. I have a clone of a Prusa Anet A8 i3, you can find them on gearbest and aliexpress for around $200. They’re cheap because a) they’re clones b) they come in a million pieces, literally hundreds of nuts and bolts and pieces of plastic to assemble, and c) they aren’t the best quality out of the box but after you print all the free upgrades it prints just as good / if not better than a $1000+ printer.

Since I’ve got my printer I’ve built enclosures for all my door sensors, designed a button box to have beside the bed to tigger bedtime scenes and lower the blinds. I’ve even managed to convert cheap ikea roller blinds to motorized blinds by printing new mounts/enclosures, all for just the cost of the plastic practically.

The downside is, everyone at work now comes to me when something breaks and they need a replacement part lol.

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@colegates: Love the look of the 7 Inch in wall panel. Have you got any updates or images of the installation?

Anyone also seen this one
Seems to be a very similar device as far as power and still Android 6, but in a 10.1 inch size.

I know this is an older thread, but I am just very interested in how it all panned out in the end. A couple of wall panels are about all I need to complete my setup the way I wanted it to turn out.

@brendan unfortunately I don’t have any installation pictures yet as my house is still undergoing development. I’m hoping to get onto the interior in a few months which then i can post some pictures with the panel installed.

I did have quite a lot of issues with this 7" panel from china related to the android 6 installation.
The build quality is okay and i think they will look rather clean installed on the wall.

The android 6 custom rom that it ships with comes with a very outdated android webviewer (v46.1). This is important as if you want to use something like fully kiosk browser HASS will not display at all. In android 6 any 3rd party apps that need to view the internet have to use android web viewer and not google chrome (this was fixed in later versions of android). With the recent updates to HASS the old version of webviewer could not load any home assistant front end at all.

I spent quite a while complaining to the company that sold me the tablet and eventually they sent me a new updated custom rom from the manufacturer. This did actually solve the problem and I do have the tablet displaying v0.86.3 with lovelace all using fully kiosk browser.
I’ve tested the panel with HADashboard, Tile Board (TileBoard - New dashboard for Homeassistant) and Home Panel (Home Panel - A web frontend for controlling the home) and they all can display in fully using the updated custom rom that i received.

I shipped the panel to the UK and ended up having to pay a bit extra in tax. Overall the tablets are probably a little expensive for the money but I haven’t seen anything of comparable cost that is actually built for in wall flush installation.

On another note I would love to be able to control the coloured LEDs in the panel from HASS but my programming skills are no where near good enough. I did ask the developer of Fully if he could integrate GPIO Led control but he quoted me ~$300 for the work!

If a video of the panel displaying HASS to show the performance is useful I can post one if you like. just let me know.

I would definitely be interested in a video.

The custom ROM situation sounds painful.

Thanks for the update :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you used any climate control using home panel or tileboard? I haven’t been able to get climate entities of my ZXT-120 to work in a dashboard.

I know this was a while ago.
Did you ever get that video uploaded or some images of the install?

sorry it took so long but i finally installed the panel as my construction work is nearing completion. I still have not finished setting up the Tileboard panel layout but you can see how it looks and responds from these videos and pictures. I’m using FullyKiosk browser with the panel which works well (apart from when fully puts the panel to sleep on wake the touch sensitivity stops working --> so rather than sleeping i just put the screensaver as a blank screen). I also discovered the panel is PoE+ which is great!

Video here:

Let me know what you think.

Pity I can’t watch the video. YouTube have blocked it due to WMG copyright.
The photos look good though.

same. YT is blocking in UK
Ironically looks like @colegates1 is also in the UK (judging by the light switches)

It may be a generic message.
I was looking forward to the video. But nice to see the still images :slight_smile:

video should work now, i forgot i had the radio on in the background the first time i did it.

@colegates1, did you look at an outbound pcap yet?

I feel the same way about Chinese made iot devices. It isn’t paranoia… 3 of 3 ip cameras I bought from aliexpress has tried to quietly connect to IP’s allocated to mainland China, despite having no good reason to do so. Firmware updates and config changes never stopped this bs. So I ended up moving the cameras to their own subnet that has no internet access. I went a step further and blocked cn, ru, and other usual suspects with iptables on my router. This isn’t a paranoid reaction… aliexpress and other sites still work fine (via us cdn’s etc)… just no possibility for packets to be sent to servers on their soil.

Not yet, need to find the time to inspect things through wireshark. Might find a little time this weekend. Will post results/conclusion when I have them.

so far results look good and only external ip addresses communicated with are google. When you ran pcap on a chinese product before how long did you capture packets for? I’m wondering if they only phone home every hour or some longer time interval?

The cameras in question attempted the connection right after bootup, and again after several days. The connections were always blocked by my router, but I am curious how they would behave if initially allowed.

Hello, I am planning to buy this tablet as well just in 10inch display, I can see it is a bit slow in the video, what is your cpu and Ram?