TileBoard - New dashboard for Homeassistant

I have been playing with Hadashboard for about a week and I’ve realised that that although it does cover my basic needs and is even somewhat skinable, it still lacks certain things I wanted to have in a dashboard. This is why I’ve decided to take a leap of faith a create a dashboard with my friend (who basically did all coding) from scratch that would be both flexible, highly hackable and at the same time would only depend on Angular. It is still in the very early days of development but has already replaced Hadashboard in my hallway. I’m planning to publish the code on github in a few days once a few bugs are ironed out and some code cleanup is done but I wanted to see if there is a general interest in such dashboard (there is even a rudimentary support for skins and events).

Link to the repo GitHub - resoai/TileBoard: A simple yet highly configurable Dashboard for HomeAssistant
Examples of tiles: https://github.com/resoai/TileBoard/blob/master/TILE_EXAMPLES.md
Note: Basic knowledge of JavaScript is required to configure it


Looks amazing, can’t wait to give it a try!
Is there going to be a HASS.io addon?


It is simply a HTML page with a few JavaScript and CSS files. You simply place it in www directory of your HASS and serve it. The downside is that you do need to have a basic understanding of JS to configure this dashboard but we will try to make it as simple as possible giving maximum hackability to those who wants it yet keeping it relatively simple for beginners. We already have most of the “widgets” covered and can add new ones if the project gets enough people on board.


Well I’m definitely on board, if you need any testers let me know!

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Wow that is very nice ! I will use it for sure !

I like the Win10 start menu feel.


Awesome great job man :slight_smile:

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I felt that tiles are ideal for that kind of dashboard. As a joke we even did a Windows 95 skin :slight_smile:


I would also use it for sure.

And for update and easy use I hope reall bad it as an addon

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It’s a bit too early to consider making an addon since the project is in it’s infancy but I don’t think it will be a big problem to make one in future.

Looks great. I would recommend having the config in a separate file to make it easier for users to update. That way we don’t have to be constantly changing your file after we update it.

Config file will certainly be separate :slight_smile:

OK! Here is a link to the repo:

This looks cool!
I’ve been struggling to keep ha-floorplan updated and compatible with recent versions of Hass and am looking for something a bit easier to implement on smaller screens like the fire tablets too.

Since this is just launching, maybe consider taking a look at the floorplan project to get some ideas on how to integrate to state cards/ panels, etc. it’s a great project too.

Nice work!


Very nice screenshots… Going to try it out this week some time.

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Awsome work!
Could you share your other dashboards as well for inspiration? (music, cameras, temp etc)


I was literally just getting ready to write up my own metro-style dashboard to get around HADashboard limitations. Now I’m gonna have to install this and play with it instead :smiley:


To be frank music is a complete mess at the moment as I’m trying to find a best way to controller my CasaTunes (Multiroom audio system) so there is little to no inspiration in that :slight_smile: I think I might need to create a video to show some of the hidden features of the dashboard.

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Hey @resoai this is awesome.

Quick one I am using ssl i.e. duckdns how do I access this dashboard outside my network?


You can simply store files on your local machine and change config to the duckdns address. Please do not place files into www directory if you are exposing HA to the internet as this would reveal the password from the config.

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