In which environment do you use HA?

It’s just a question out of interest, but could be something interesting to see, where people use HA. Is it in a flat, a house, some big fancy palace or even your RV or boat?

This has no “science relevance” at all, I (and maybe others) am just interested. :slight_smile:

As the poll options depend largely on a personal environment, please use what you feel suits you best. Eg. a flat in NY is normally not that big (in square meter) compared to a flat anywhere in the middle of the country. So if you feel your one room apartment is “big” for your area, then choose this. As I said, I’m not interested in a scientific approach, it’s just a “let me know” thingy. :slight_smile:

This is setup as a multiple choice poll, so if you use HA in different environments, eg. your house and your parents house or your boat, just choose multiple options.

Your HA environment
  • Flat (small)
  • Flat (big)
  • House (small)
  • House (big)
  • Castle / palace
  • Farm
  • Boat
  • RV / camper
  • Other

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Thanks for voting, I’m really curious where people use their installation. If you want, please feel free to offer different/additional options or describe your home a little more, especially if you chose “Others”. Just as you like! :slight_smile:

I have automated the drawbridge on my castle. Currently trying to figure out how to automate the boiling of my oil pots for when the Romans lay siege


Thanks to all that have voted until now! :slight_smile:

It’s interesting to see where you use your HA installation.

Keep the votes coming, thank you! :slight_smile:

excellent :rofl:

Here typical HA user at home, but also starting to deploy it for some residential high-end customers (to replace obsolete AMX/Crestron systems) and perhaps soon on a yacht too soon :wink:

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I use it to control my lights, hvac, and whole home audio in what some would consider a big house, I guess. Depends where you live. To someone in a studio in NYC or a flat in London, it’s a palace. To my neighbors, it’s a house. To the mcmansions in the next development over, it’s probably a hovel. Lol

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