Include a "value" for each span in new Schedule helper

The new Schedule integration is close to what I’ve been looking for to manage my thermostat schedule within Home Assistant, but it’s missing the ability to set a specific temperature for a span of time. This would let an automation set the temperature properly when the schedule becomes active without having to create additional helpers to hold e.g “morning, evening, and night temperatures/schedules” and template variables to manage the current “desired” temperature.

Suggestion: within the list of objects containing “from:” and “to:”, add a “value:” attribute (or even a sub-dictionary of arbitrary “attributes:”) that are set on the entity when that span of time becomes active. It would need to handle adjacent time spans that will keep the schedule “on” but change the attribute value.

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I’m looking for the exact same thing for the exact same reason.
What is the best way you accomplished this so far?