Include own Arduino smart home device

I just started experimenting a bit with the Arduino and home assist.
I have built me some small devices with an Arduino like a smart tealight that turns on and off at a specific time and more small things.
So now to the Question: Can I include my own build devices in Home Assistant? So is there an option to download an add-on to home assist and just adjust the code on the Arduino that is connected to the device, so I can control it from home assist. So for example now, can I adjust the code and include it in Home assist, so I could turn the tealight on and off from my phone via home assist and maybe also change the time the light goes on and off from the app? Like giving permission to change some parameters in the code from home assist. Maybe I would also need to connect another device to the Arduino that talks to home assist and the Arduino. Or there is a device that works like an Arduino that also works with home assist.
Thanks so much for your answers!

For Arduino code, the easiest way is to use mqtt.

Check out an ESP32 / ESP8622 with ESPHome

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