Including boolean input button to each row of flex-table-card

I have a custom:flex-table-card in the Home Assistant dashboard created as

type: custom:flex-table-card
    title: Prices
        - sensor.nordpool
    clickable: true
      - data: prices
        modify: x.start
        name: Start
      - data: prices
        modify: x.end
        name: Stop
      - data: prices
        modify: x.value
        name: Price

The table works nicely.
I would now want to have a column called Switch that would include kind of an on/off button for each row so that I could manually set the value of the switch or input_boolean to on/off in each row.
Does anyone know if this is possible and how it could be implemented?

I don’t think the flex-table card does this, but the multiple-entity-row card might:


I agree. This seems like a massive limitation that really limits the usability of flex-table-card. If they added this feature called it would be one of my favorite cards. The table can show the name of the button, so why not the button itself?

Hi )
The only way - adding images to a table mimicking toggled/untoggled buttons.
But tap_action is not supported for a particular cell, only for a whole row.

P.S. all related issues are discussed here.