Including Simon 100 devices on home assistant


I am tiring to integrate my simon 100 devices (mainly blinds and a light).

I am using a USB Z-Wave Plus Z-Stick USB (GEN5) AEOTEC on a raspberry Pi. Installation was ok and it is working fine.

The problem is I cannot add any device, I push the device button to start inclusion mode, but home assistant never detects.

I tried different security options.
I also tried to remove from my simon hub

Do you have any idea? There is any way to include manually.

Any idea is welcome.



Need more info.

First are you using the builtin ZWaveJS or are you using an addon.
Is the stick plugged directly into the pi or do you have an extension cable or powered USB2 hub between the stick and the pi (hint you absolutely positively need one if you skipped that assuming it wasn’t necessary fix it and try again)

What does your log say when you try to include a device.

Finally do you have any device joined or is this first set-up? Do you have any line (mains) powered devices or is it all blinds?

How far is the device you are trying to join from your pi.

Thanks for your quick response,

I was able to add a device now. I just tried to remove from my Simon hub. Previous time I think I just delete from my home, but it was still on the hub somehow.

Sorry for the confusion.

On next days I will add all other devices, but I first need to play a bit with diferente options on home assistant and blinds, as have to check how to control, calibrate….

Thanks again

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Zwave devices MUST be excluded from the prior coordinattor before they can be included on another. Yoh may use exclusion from ANY hub/coordinator to exclude a device.

Just in case some future reader needs a “complete picture” Many z-wave locks support the Z-wave Anti-theft command class. If enabled, only the controller that enrolled the lock can exclude it. The lock is effectively a brick if the original controller dies. Some Alarm companies that support z-wave enable this feature. Just stating the exception from the “ANY hub” exclusion rule.

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