Incoming telegram to a user

Tell me if this already works with the current telegrams components, but I tried with no success in HA.

The problem with HA telegram components, it only works with bots and bots can not talk to others bots. I have the IFTTT bot to send me a message to my personal account.

I wrote a telegram listener in python which listens to message from the IFTTT telegram bot. When I receive a message, I run a service on HA. All works well, but an all in1 HA component would be cool.

I’m no expert in telegram, but couldn’t this be achieved with a group chat?

Seems so. I utilize different ‘group’ chats with my bots to handle different functions.

In ifttt, I only see the option to use “Private chat with @IFTTT” Not sure why it is drop down with only 1 item.


weird. I don’t use IFTTT, so I assumed you could connect to a group chat that contains your bot.

I can not use a bot in my script. Bot to bot communication is not allowed. Ifttt only uses bots.

From telegram FAQ:
Why doesn’t my bot see messages from other bots?
Bots talking to each other could potentially get stuck in unwelcome loops. To avoid this, we decided that bots will not be able to see messages from other bots regardless of mode.

Today I noticed the same problem. Can you explain your solution with the python script.