Incomplete Grafana graph


I’m using a Grafana/influxDB integration to plot values from my temperature/humidity sensor.
Unfortunately some points are missing on the grafana chart, I think grafana skips consecutive identical values, but it makes my charts incomplete.

Complete chart even if value doesn’t change (Home Assistant):

Incomplete chart (Grafana) click to see full image:

This is how the grafana request is made click to see full image :

I think it’s a just a little tweak but I can’t find it. Maybe it’s related to influxDB too ?

Thanks for your help

edit: those forum’s new users limitations are way too restrictive :frowning:

Hey nicolas-t,

did you found a solution to show all the samples in grafana.
asking as I’m facing the same issue.


Any solution to this?

It might be wiser to open a new thread.
The OP issue seemed to be a plain scaling one, at first sight.

If you have exactly the same issue you can try clicking on a serie color
and enable “Use right y-axis”