Inconsistent boot behavior and errors on Intel NUC

I recently installed the Home Assistant OS on an intel NUC:

  • Ιntel Celeron J4125
  • 6 GB RAM DDR4
  • 128 GB eMMC

To do so I followed the instructions here to install the generic x86-64 image:

  • Configured the BIOS
  • Booted a Debian image from an USB device
  • Downloaded Balena Etcher and flashed the device
  • Booted the home assistant image

I wanted to get access to a simpler installation since I am not very familiar with Linux, so I decided to directly install the OS to get access to the apps, instead of running a VM. I flashed the image a couple of times just to make sure that there wasn’t any problem with the initial write, but at this point, the server sometimes boots correctly and plenty of times it fails at different points.

These problems become even more apparent after a power outage, but even then, if I do enough boots, I eventually get HA running. For some reason, opening the BIOS configuration helps to get a good boot.

On a side note, before installing the OS directly, I had on the same device a Debian image running a docker container. None of these problems showed even after power failures, the device started again upon getting the power back and started the image without a problem.

I was wondering, is there anything I can do to solve this issue? I took a few images of the different points the boot process gets stuck. On some of them it does output the “Welcome” message, but in none of these cases is the server reachable.