Inconsistent codes from gs-wds07 sensors

I picked up a few gs-wds07 door sensors to try after seeing them recommended a lot on here. I have them paired with Sonoff RF bridges flashed with Tasmota. At the moment I have one sensor and one bridge in the house and one sensor and one bridge in the garage. They work fine the majority of the time but at least once a day they’ll send a slightly different code (ex. 382E1E vs the normal 382E0E or 392E0E vs 382E0E).

Does anyone else experience this issue? If so, how do you deal with it? Keep adding the new codes to your config until all possibilities are covered? I currently have 5 different close codes for one sensor.

They have 3 unique codes. 1 is for open, 1 is for close, and the third is for low battery. I don’t have the reference in front of me for what each one is, but that is how they operate.

I think you misunderstood what I was asking. The issue is there isn’t 1 unique code for close. So far I’ve found 5 different codes for close on one sensor and 2 different codes for close on another.

It sounds like you have defective sensors. Or some other problem corrupting the data. There should only be the three codes. No one deals with this because it is not the proper function of the devices.

It can be rf interference, if there are other sources off rf433 transmitters nearby.

Okay, I have one more sensor that I haven’t setup yet. I’ll try that and see if it gives issues as well. Hopefully it’s RF interference that’s causing the issue; I’d hate to have 2 out of 3 sensors faulty.

Perhaps 433MHz sensors aren’t the way to go if the failure rate is that high. I’ll have to do some more research to see what other alternatives there are.


Do you have another bridge to test the sensors with ?
I haven’t seen this behaviour on gs wds07.
Idealy I would compare the rf bridge reception with another bridge( if you have an arduino or esp and a receiver it is quite easy to do) and check the differenr gs wds07 on a wood surface with a line of sight of 1-5 meters to exclude environments perturbations.

I just setup a sonoff bridge flashed with Tasmota and i am having this exact same problem with these GS-WDS07 sensors. I have random codes being sent to the broker all the time.

Do you have an ESP or an arduino, because by using the rfbridge you are still using its internal uc decoder on which I can’t help you debugging

I do have a WEMOS D1 mini.