Inconsistent columns display between two fire 8 tablet

I am using two brand new fire 8 tablets as wall panels. Both are running the fully kiosk app. On the first tablet, when in full screen my HA dashboard shows three columns of buttons and this fits perfectly my needs, as there is no need to scroll down to see every button on the page.

Viewing the same dashboard on the second tablet in full screen there are only two columns of buttons, therefore I need to scroll down to see every button.

I cannot get the second tablet to display three columns. I guess the problem is not with HA but with the tablet settigs? but I cannot figure out why both identical tablets do not display the dashboard in the same way.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Fully Kiosk has a lot of settings. First thing if you haven’t done it already might be to check that they are all the same on both tablets.

You might also try creating a test page which forces the dashboard to display the buttons in three colums - left to their own devices HA dashboards can be a bit unpredictable. One way to do this is to create a vertical stack with each row containing a horizontal stack of three cards. If this appears the same on both tablets you can probably take it that the original dashboard itself was playing tricks.

I have Samsung tablets and had this same thing happen, not sure it’s your issue, but…

Check the screen resolution, for some reason when I was setting the 3 of mine up, one of them was somehow set to a different resolution

Thank you both for your suggestions. What I forgot to mention is that a third tsblet, an iPad mini, clearly demonstrates the erratic behavior of HA: When I load the very same dashboard on my iPad, sometimes it displays three rows, sometimes only two. I will try stacking my cards as suggested, thank you.

That. For me, it doe’s not matter, on which device. HA can and WILL decide randomly on each restart, how much columns it want’s to build this time. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried to make the dev’s aware of this problem more than a year a go, but got laughed away…