Inconsistent error opening HA app, how to fix?

After updated HA core and dwains dashboard sometime ago, ever since when i open HA app on my android phone, android tablets or my wifes iphone, we get this red error maybe 50% of the time. We either have to switch tabs a few times or force close the app and open again and then it may work.

My default opening dashboard is dwains dashboard. I have tried clearing the apps cache and storage, have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, signed out and back in, I have waited for a few DD and HA updates hoping it was a known issue and would fix itself…but nothing has worked. Its incredibly annoying.

Any ideas how to fix??
Im fairly beginner to HA still

Report it as an issue in the repository where you got that custom homepage-card.
Or, better yet, read through the existing issues and see if it’s been reported already and whether a workaround exists.