Inconsistent unit of measure

I just found while setting up a min / max sensor that HA (or the integration developers) are inconsistent in how temperature is assigning the default unit of measure for temperature. I have two weather apps that I use, both default to degree which is not a valid unit of measure for temperature. All of the devices I use to read sensors all default to degree F. Not sure why no one has seen this? I created a GitHub issue on AccuWeather but I am not sure if this is working as designed (WAD). Does anyone know what it should be?

It’s a bug. They happen. Opening the issue was the correct thing to do.

Should I also open one in dark sky?


Same issue.

Well that’s the first time you mentioned that. I’m not a very good mind reader. :slight_smile:

One integration with incorrect temperature units is likely a bug.

Two integrations with incorrect temperature units starts to look like there may be something wrong with your configuration.

My first statement says two weather apps. Maybe not clear? I used the default settings for each. Until I changed my temperature device to degree I could not use min / max sensor.

Yeah a little. I assumed you meant two instances of Accuweather as you did not mention another integration.

Either way, are your basic settings correct in Configuration / Settings / General?

Screenshot 2022-02-20 at 23-25-09 Configuration – Home Assistant

Do Darksky and Accuwether have units settings?

Are they correct?

My general settings are correct. There is no unit settings for either of these weather integrations. I found the issue. It was with my template sensor, not the integration. I’ll close the Github issue.