Incorporating Custom Cards into Lovelace

I’m using Lovelace in UI mode so no YAML. I have some custom cards that I would like to use. These are the custom cards for the iCloud3 configuration. I can’t figure out how to get them to work. I try creating a manual card and then copy/paste the YAML code for the card but it never works. For example, the first error always says “No card type configured”.

I’ve tried searching but haven’t really found anything helpful since most things I’ve found are for YAML mode.

iCloud 3 implementation:

  1. Install the HACS component iCloud3
  2. You need to install the “Custom Card” resources under Configuration > Lovelace Dashboards > Resources, and add the code: /hacsfiles/lovelace-icloud3/icloud3-event-log-card.js?v=2.1 as a “JavaScript Module” there…
  3. The only “Custom Card” for iCloud 3 is the actual “Event Log” card, so here is the code you’d place into a card after hitting the + button (I usually select an Entity Card, then click Code Editor, and replace everything there):
  - entity: sensor.icloud3_event_log
title: iCloud Event Log
type: 'custom:icloud3-event-log-card'

Thank you, Rob. However, there are other sample cards that come with that implementation. I’ve got the event log working. But the other cards are yaml cards but I don’t know how to get one of those to display.