Incorrect Integration Name in Entities List

I am using custom integration “Crestron XSIG Integration”

Everything works well. When I go to Entities List under Settigs of HA
all these Crestron entities have “Switch” under “Integration” column name.

It suppose to be “Crestron” instead of “switch” in Integration column.
Generally it take value from manifest.json domain part.

following is manifest.json

  "domain": "crestron",
  "name": "Crestron XSIG Integraton",
  "documentation": "",
  "dependencies": [],
  "codeowners": ["@npope"],
  "requirements": [],
  "version": "0.2.3"

Domain is already crestron, but see screenshot below. It appears as switch only.
How can i resolve this?

Better raise an issue on the custom integration’s github.