Incorrect timezone set in homeassistant causing timers to be off

Since daylight savings time, I’ve been having an issue with HA where my pyscript code will be triggered 1 hour earlier than expected. This happens for things that are meant to be triggered on sunset/sunrise, as well as cron jobs. IE expected outcome is lights come on at 07:45, but they turn on on at 06:45am.

The other oddity is that the logs in home-assistant.log are the off by 1 hour as well. IE if the current time is 20:00, the log messages are 21:00.

My current timezone is America/New_York, and with DST i expect the offset to be -4 (EDT), however HA thinks for some things it’s -3 and ADT timezone.

Im running via a VM, but the host machine has the correct time. Is there anyway I can just override this manually? I don’t want to have to update all my pyscript automations to offset for an hour.

what is set in settings.system.general.timezone?

Time issues are pretty common with VM installs, often due to how paravirtualization is set up or the guest and host time sync not being turned on. If you do a search you will find a number of threads that include different solutions for the different hypervisors/VM software.

Gotcha, currently the host machine is running Unraid. But I’ve even tried to change the host machine to be running UTC time, and then also changed HA to run GMT, but when I run that developer template above it shows the first timezone as UTC, but then still shows the other TZ as ADT. Is there anyway to just completely override this itself?

I still need to check the bios TZ to ensure that is correct, but that will be the next step.

Previously I had set it as (GMT-05:00 Eastern Time) But I’ve also tried to set to (GMT +00:00) GMT (no daylight savings). Both update succesfully and the {{ now() }} will output the correct datetime, but then {{ now().astimezone().tzinfo }} is always ADT which is -03:00 and the crux of the issue.