Incorrect trace?

I’m encountering a bizarre issue.
Since I’m new to the product, I won’t call this a bug unless an experienced user thinks so.
I’m using this automation to avoid overloading our power grid. When the pool heater is working at high power AND the solar panels don’t produce much, the EV loading is turned off by another automation.
When the sum “pool heater + solar output” is below 1900 W the EV is again possible, and this automation re-enables the EV loading.
I’m using “+” because the solar panel output is negative.
Since electricity price is lower after 10pm during the week this automation is not working between 5:15 and 10pm on weekdays.
It’s working correctly.
However, the trace gives:“triggered by the time condition at 10:15am.”
Well, this simply isn’t true. The automation has been triggered by the “total power” value.
As a side note, is there a simple way to display the calculation result?

id: ‘1665410119758’
alias: Désactivation délesteur
description: ‘’

  • platform: template
    value_template: >-
    {{ (states(‘sensor.piscine_power’)|float +
    states(‘sensor.photovoltaique_channel_1_power’)|float) < 1900 }}
    for: ‘00:15:00’
  • condition: time
    before: ‘17:15:00’
    • mon
    • fri
    • thu
    • tue
    • wed
      after: ‘22:00:00’
  • type: turn_off
    device_id: 48056270ee99648258f8df4af4a24cf2
    entity_id: switch.shellyem_34945474466e
    domain: switch
    mode: single