Incorrect units for OpenWeatherMap

I recently installed the openweathermap integration and I’m having issues with the units being reported in lovelace. Ideally I could choose my units to be pressure = psi and rainfall = inches, but at this point I’ll take anything as long as it is actually correct.
Using the built-in weather-forecast card, the pressure unit says psi, but the number it is displaying is actually inHg.
Using the the custom:weather-card the pressure is correct (besides that is shows an absurd number of digits) but the rainfall totals show units of in when the number being displayed is actually units of mm.

These are the attributes for the weather entity:

And my units are set up for imperial:

Any ideas on what I can do to fix this?

Edit: also just noticed in the attributes snapshot above that while the current pressure is units of inHG (29.91386990685358 inHg), the forecast has the numbers in units of hPa (1013 hPa).