Incorrect value as "consumed from the network" in Energy Dashboard

I have an older system on the roof, which is 100% fed in. In addition, I have a Balkn PV/plug PV, the surplus of which is fed in free of charge. In the graph Production and Consumption, however, the 100% feed-in is not attributed to the “consumed from the grid”.

Where could I have the error? What info do you need for help?

“Consumed from the grid” is just reporting the sensor you have from energy dashboard configuration. What sensor do you have setup there for consumption, and is it tracking the right thing?

I think there is a misunderstanding here due to the HA internal translation.
In english “net consumed” means in German “Nettoverbrauch” The German HA-Version writes “Aus dem Netz verbraucht”, not “Netto-Netzverbrauch”.