Incorrectly configured binary sensor (RFXtrx)

Hello everyone,

My first post in that community and first of all, thanks a lot for this great piece of software. I have been using it for about two years now and it has been really solid.

I have a bunch of Kerui D026 door sensors that I integrated a few months back (early 2020). One of them died and I replaced it after having upgraded to the latest HA release (2020-12.1). Unfortunately, despite having exactly the same configuration as for my working sensors, this one does not seem to pick up my device configuration properly.

Here is an example of a working sensor, which was successfully added months ago:

  device: /dev/serial/by-id/usb-RFXCOM_RFXtrx433_A1YQBVQ2-if00-port0
      device_class: opening
      data_bits: 4
      command_on: 0xe
      command_off: 0x7
        seconds: 10    
      device_class: problem
        seconds: 5

The new sensor has exactly the same configuration but is not recognised as a ‘opening’ type, but instead as a generic ‘on/off’ binary sensor. It also does not respect the off_delay, which means it stays forever active. As such, it is therefore useless.

Maybe some changes in the rfxcom integration performed last July could be the cause, but it is hard to tell without being a developer on the project.

Any help would be welcome, cheers!

Hello, I think RfxTrx is only working via the integration menu (mod/update/new devices)… I had also definitions in configuration.yaml but when I moved to a new Raspberry Pi (in a configuration where snapshots are not available) I had to declare them again via the “configuration -> integration” menu… The definitions in configuration.yaml are useless for a while I think… I moved them to comments in my configuration.yaml… I kept the definitions in case I have to re-entre those codes in RfxTrx…

See the following site for the user manual:

Thanks @browetd this did the trick. I must have configured my last similar sensor before the change happened :-/ and did not review the new UI-based configuration.

For those who may find it it useful, I also had to move the device_class settings to my customize.yaml file:

  device_class: opening
  device_class: problem