Increase Count of Automation Traces Globally?

How come this is not an option, and instead we have to go to every automation and configure it manually?

Do you want to make it more or less? What’s your use case?

You can always create an FR for this, but it doesn’t seem like a pressing issue. I personally haven’t had this need, which is why understanding why you need this would be helpful.

I was thinking of making it more, around 10-20.

I don’t know which automation might need debugging next, so instead of setting the traces variable inside the automation yaml, when a specific automation doesn’t do as I want it to, and then waiting for the next failure to occur, I could instead set it to 20 for all automations, and just have more debug points when looking back and figuring out what was the issue.

This makes sense to me since most automations/scripts are tied together, e.g. one invokes another, etc. - So setting a global option for a week or so, for debugging purposes just makes sense, while on the other hand, when setting the trace count individually - I’ll just forget I set it up in the first place, and it will be more of a waste than a targeted, but temporary global activation.