Increase zigbee range between floors


I have a conbee II stick with home assistant running on my 2nd floor. while adding zigbee devices, i noticed that the signal is very weak on the floor below. Was hoping to find a way to increase the signal range. I do not have access to zigbee bulbs and Zigbee smart switches (zigbee switches or lights are not available online in India easily).
My question is, can I buy a sonoff bridge or hub to increase the signal from the conbee stick?
Is there any other way that I am missing?

Thank you

Normally you would use the mesh capability and then indeed you need ‘powered’ devices that can act as a router. Zigbee powerplugs can do this too, not too expensive but these may be similarly complex for you to get. hold of
Another option is to use a zigbee IP gateway if you have cable/access on other floors

Ikea is most likely everywhere and they should have a zigbee repeater in their selection.

could not get my hand on these. But i got a sonoff stick which can be flashed with a repeater firmware which works for my ask.

Thank you for your suggestions!

I have the same issue zigbee My zigbee repeater is working fine with the same PIR if it’s on the same floor , if i take it just 2 meters away with just a thin floor between is not working , the distance is only 2.5m or less but nothing else in between … but PIR is not working! any ideas ?

If you concrete wall is reinforced with iron, then it might work as a shield.
You might be able to get a signal through at the right angle though.