Increased CPU usage

I haven’t been able to spend any time on HA for the last month or so and won’t be for at least a few more weeks (I hope no one misses me too much :wink: ) but I am noting breaking changes etc and keeping my version up to date.

A quick question…

It isn’t a big deal but I ugraded to 117.6 last week and also upgraded a few custom components/lovelace cards via HACS (I can’t remember which) and have noticed my CPU usage go from a steady 3% to 11%.

Like I said no big deal really and I just don’t have time to investigate but I wondered if there was something known about that might have caused this?

Thanks and sorry for the lazy question. I hope to be back and able to follow everything properly in the new year.

There was an issue with Onvif cameras but that went into full memory use meltdown.

I have an issue that shows up every 2-4 days and causes 100% core CPU use on one thread (25% overall core cpu). Profiler and Py-spy have been unable to pinpoint it. Restarting makes it go away for a while. No one else seems to have the issue. I thought I’d solved it so many times but it always comes back.

My current theory is something to do with editing Lovelace via the UI. So I have not done that for two days and no issue yet. Way too early to call it but if I make it to a week I’ll try editing a card and see what happens.

Thanks (and for the link).

My ‘problem’ doesn’t seem related though. I was a rock steady 3% now I’m rock steady 11%.
At some point I’ll try removing things one by one to see if I can find the culprit.

For now, I can live with 11% :wink:

“Rocck steady” increase could be the new template listeners. There’s a whole topic about it. May find it for you later. Too late too inebriated. Remind me.

Particularly if you use templates that scan all states.

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Just to close this, 118 took me back down to 3%