Increasing presence detection probability

I’m currently using Netgear, ping, and bluetooth to determine if I’m home or not. It works well enough, until the battery dies on my phone.

I have an OpenGarage set up that can tell if my car is in the garage, and if it is in there it’s a 99% guarantee that I am home. Also, if the tv in the living room is turned on it’s a 100% guarantee I am home.

Is it possible to set these up to use as presence detection? If so, how would it work? Thanks!

Check out Binary Bayesian sensor.

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You can also use groups, and put those devices into a group along with your other device trackers.

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Bayesian is pretty cool, thanks! I saw it a while ago but I’m still learning HA and had that filed away for later. It’s as good a time as any to dive in.

One more question, is it possible to use a state attribute as an observation? I want to use the distance_sensor attribute value for my OpenGarage installation for determining if my car is home,

You’d need to use a template binary sensor, to turn that into a true/false result.