Increasing Z-Wave performance through more USB power?

Hi ,

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 2 for HA along with 2 USB sticks - one for Z-wave and one for Zigbee.
I really noticed the difference when upgrading the power supply from 1A to 1.5A because the zwave commands would sometimes fail.

But I’m wondering whether the 2 sticks even run at their full potential now given that the Pi only delivers 0.6A via USB (combined for all ports I think).

  1. Does anyone have experience with this?

  2. Will the RF perfomance improve if more power is provided?

  3. What other tricks are there to get a better RF coverage?
    Im for example thinking about the ideal position and and orientation.


Regarding 2.
There are 2 settings I have read about that are touching this topic:


which doubles the USB output power to 1.2A given that the power supply delivers this reliably.

In /boot/cmdline.txt there is:


which disables the USB bus from going to power save mode.
Haven’t tried them yet, though…