Independent HVAC units in different rooms - Ice Air Habitat Thermostat?

I live in a condo building where each room has its own separate, wall-mounted HVAC unit (technically a “PTAC”). Each unit is controlled independently using a small LCD panel on the machine, and there’s no connectivity at all. I’d looked into upgrading previously when I was still using SmartThings, but it seemed like I’d essentially have to get four separate smart thermostats, which would be expensive and not terribly useful.

We’re considering replacing all of the units with new “Ice Air” brand PTACs, and we’ve been given the option to install a smart thermostat for $250 that can control up to 8 units. Here’s the thermostat:

Does anyone have experience with these devices? Would it likely be possible to integrate into Home Assistant?

Separately, can anyone recommend a better option for our setup? I’m at a loss as to how to deal with four separate units across three rooms.


To answer my own question, I emailed the company and got the following response:

"When utilized, our HomeLink Module and it’s App is a fully functional standalone remote access platform.

At this time , our Habitat HomeLink Module and it’s App does not integrate with the Home Assistant platform"