Individual devices vs main power usage question

This might fall under the category of a stupid question.
I have a smart-me meter - that meassures the power and energy from
our meter.
This works just fine - and i have created some sensors that gets the data - all good.
now - i saw the option of adding individual devices -
and when i read the documentation - it says that it enables you to
track the impact of individual devices.

i have about 6 devices that each shows their own usage - which i display different places on lovelace.
but - if i add theese devices to the energy dashboard will they be “added” to the total energy usage - or does the dashboard knows that they are “part of” the total usage?

best regards

You can add them in two places in energy dashboard, as individuals, and as part of sum. Or add in both. As far as i know, individuals do not add to anything, you can just check there how much one has used energy.

Hi tontze!
Thanks alot.
i have added them now - and it looks like if you add them as individual devices - they wont add to the total consumption :slight_smile:

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