Individual devices with Energy

Hi, I have started to use the “Energy” component. Later I will also integrate an “Emporta” module.

For the moment I have added some devices in the “individual devices” section. I don’t have any data displayed. When I filter through “developer tools” using the word “kwh” and also display in Lovelace these same entities, I can see the consumption values.

Can anyone help me with this?


***** only the consumption (red arrow) is displayed correctly in the Energy tab



What are you trying to see? First, first you say no data is displayed. Then, you say only the consumption is displayed (which is what you should be seeing). You also didn’t provide any screenshots of the actual problem, only data seemingly displaying correctly.

Thanks, the screenshots are here:


Thanks for updating.

I’m assuming that entity is total consumption, so the entity list will display the total consumption since that entity has started tracking, whether that was a week ago or a year ago.

The energy tab breaks it down into the selected time-frame, so it will show different values depending on your selection. Notice how the values change when I switch from “day” to “week”:

In short, it seems that the energy tab doesn’t think that entity has been updated this month.

In my opinion, this situation should be taken care of by the developer of “Energy”.

What situation? You have not provided any evidence that the energy tab is misbehaving.

The Energy interface works for some plugs and not for others. As I’m French speaking, I put accents in the name. I will remove them to check the effect.

The display over a period of one year gives me more data except for one of them which is still at 0 kWh. This is the one that had accents and the ’ character in the name.

I’m saying that you haven’t provided any proof that the energy interface is not working for some plugs. This would probably be in the form of a different representation of the same entity showing that the total increased by a certain amount in the past day, and that that increase isn’t represented in the energy interface. Like, adding the same entity to one of your dashboards as a graph or proof that the entity was added within the time-frame selected in the energy interface, if your devices store that information:

I’d be curious if the name is affecting anything since it is pulling the entities in by their entity IDs.

If you find any evidence of the interface displaying incorrect information, then you should probably open an issue on GitHub.