Individual PV Powers with Power Flow card

Is there a way to separate the power flows of two PV system with the power flow card?
In my installation I have two connection modes:

• Network Connected Mode
The grid-connected modality allows the system to absorb power when necessary to meet the demand or inject the surplus produced that was not used by the loads into the utility network. The bidirectional flow, in the microgrid, is through the AC bus, where the inputs of the on grid inverter, the inverters/chargers and the vehicular charger are connected. The inverters/chargers are responsible for charging and discharging the battery through the grid or the generator, or for injecting power from the excess PV generation produced by the modules connected to the charge controller.

• Island Mode
In this system, the operation is carried out in a segmented way or isolated from the utility grid, where the PV generation is responsible for charging the batteries, through the two controllers. Meanwhile, the load, depending on the situation, can be supplied by generation
PV, and/or storage system or generator, where the hybrid inverter is
responsible for DC/AC conversion.