Indoor Siren - Zigbee or Wifi - going insane

Hi All,

I feel like im going mad trying to find a siren for my HA alarm system.

Just need an indoor that is local and reliable. Don’t really mind about cost unless its crazy, zigbee ideally but wifi also ok.

I have a D link Z wave siren but I moved away from Z wave thinking most things can be had on zigbee and I just want one mesh to maintain!

Im loathed to go back to Z wave so any ideas?



I have been using this one:

It is zigbee, has a internal battery in case the power to your house is cut, that they claim lasts 5h. Once activated, even if you remove from outlet it continues buzzing pretty loud! It works as a router in zigbee mesh and works with zigbee2mqtt in home assistant.

So far, no complains…